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Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge

August 2013 Hardcover

Peter Orner, Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge

978-0-316-22464-2, $24.99


In LAST CAR OVER THE SAGAMORE BRIDGE, Peter Orner presents a kaleidoscope of individual lives viewed in intimate close-up. A woman’s husband dies before their divorce is finalized; a man runs for governor and loses much more than the election; two brothers play beneath the infamous bridge at Chappaquiddick; a father and daughter outrun a hurricaneall are vivid and memorable occasions as seen through Orner’s eyes. LAST CAR OVER THE SAGAMORE BRIDGE is also a return to the form Orner loves best. As he has written, “The difference between a short story and a novel is the difference between a pang in your heart and the tragedy of your whole life. Read a great story and there it isright nowin your gut.”


Peter Orner is the author of three acclaimed books, Esther Stories, The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo, and Love and Shame and Love. Some of the stories in Last Car Over the Sagamore Bridge first appeared in Conjunctions, McSweeney’s, Granta, Paris Review, Ploughshares, Bomb, A Public Space, and The Pushcart Prize XXXII. Born in Chicago, Orner now lives in San Francisco.

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Here, There, Elsewhere

January 2013 Hardcover

William Least Heat-Moon, Here, There, Elsewhere: Stories from the Road

978-0-316-11024-2, $29.99


HERE, THERE, ELSEWHERE draws together for the first time William Least Heat-Moon’s greatest short-form travel writing. From Japan, England, Italy, and Mexico to Long Island, Oregon, Arizona, and more, HERE, THERE, ELSEWHERE is a sharply observed, funny, and touching series of uncommon adventures narrated by America’s keenest writer of place, people, and sublime connection.

For decades, William Least Heat-Moon’s readers have been clamoring for him to gather his shorter pieces; now, that wait is over. A perfect treasury of prose and wry provocation for readers old and new, HERE, THERE, ELSEWHERE is further confirmation of Least Heat-Moon’s status as an American master.


William Least Heat-Moon is the author of the bestselling classics Roads to Quoz, Blue Highways, River Horse, and PrairyEarth. He lives in Columbia, Missouri.

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