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The Secret Rescue


May 2013 Hardcover

Cate Lineberry, The Secret Rescue: An Untold Story of American Nurses and Medics Behind Nazi Lines

978-0-316-22022-4, $27.00


When 26 Army nurses and medics-part of the 807th Medical Air Evacuation Transport Squadron-boarded a cargo plane for transport in November 1943, they never anticipated the crash landing in Nazi-occupied Albania that would lead to their months-long struggle for survival. A drama that captured the attention of the American public, the group and its flight crew dodged bullets and battled blinding winter storms as they climbed mountains and fought to survive, aided by courageous villagers who risked death at Nazi hands to help them.

A mesmerizing tale of the courage and heroism of ordinary people, THE SECRET RESCUE tells not only a new story of struggle and endurance, but also one of the daring rescue attempts by clandestine American and British organizations amid the tumultuous landscape of the war.


Cate Lineberry is a former staff writer and Europe editor for National Geographic andthe web editor of Smithsonian, and her work has appeared in the New York Times. She lives in the greater Washington, DC, area.

Publicity Contact: Morgan Moroney,

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Questions of Travel

May 2013 Hardcover

Michelle de Krester, Questions of Travel

978-0-316-21922-8, $25.99


Laura Fraser grows up in Sydney, motherless, with a cold father and an artistic bent. Ravi Mendes is on the other side of the worldhis humble father dead, his mother struggling, determined to succeed in computer science. Their stories alternate throughout Michelle de Kretser’s ravishing new novel, culminating in unlikely fates for them both, destinies influenced by travelvoluntary in her case, enforced in his.

With money from an inheritance, Laura sets off to see the world, returning to Sydney to work for a travel guide. There she meets Ravi, a Sri Lankan political exile who wants only to see a bit of Australia and make a living. Where do these disparate characters truly belong? With her trademark subtlety, wit, and dazzling prose, Michelle de Kretser shows us that, in the 21st century, they belong wherever they want to and can behome or away.


Michelle de Kretser is a Sri Lankan who has lived in Australia since 1972.  She is also the author or the novels The Rose Grower, The Hamilton Case, and The Lost Dog.

Publicity Contact: Liz Garriga,

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We Need New Names

May 2013 Hardcover

NoViolet Bulawayo, We Need New Names

978-0-316-23081-0, $24.99


Darling is only 10 years old, and yet she must navigate a fragile and violent world. In Zimbabwe, Darling and her friends steal guavas, try to get the baby out of young Chipo’s belly, and grasp at memories of Before. Before their homes were destroyed by paramilitary policemen, before the school closed, before the fathers left for dangerous jobs abroad.

But Darling has a chance to escape: she has an aunt in America. She travels to this new land in search of America’s famous abundance only to find that her options as an immigrant are perilously few. NoViolet Bulawayo’s debut calls to mind the great storytellers of displacement and arrival who have come before herfrom Zadie Smith to Monica Ali to J.M. Coetzeewhile she tells a vivid, raw story all her own.


NoViolet’s story “Hitting Budapest,” the opening chapter of the novel, won the 2011 Caine Prize for African Writing. NoViolet’s other work has been shortlisted for the 2009 SA PEN Studzinsi Award, and has appeared in Callaloo, The Boston Review, Newsweek, and The Warwick Review, as well as in anthologies in Zimbabwe, South Africa and the UK. NoViolet recently earned her MFA at Cornell University, where her work has been recognized with a Truman Capote Fellowship. She will be attending Stanford in the fall as a Wallace Stegner Fellow for 2012-2014. NoViolet was born and raised in Zimbabwe.

Publicity Contact: Marlena Bittner,

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The First Rule of Swimming

May 2013 Hardcover

Courtney Angela Brkic, The First Rule of Swimming

978-0-316-21738-5, $25.99


Magdalena does not panic when she learns that her younger sister has disappeared. A free spirit, Jadranka has always been prone to mysterious absences. But when weeks pass with no word, Magdalena leaves the isolated Croatian island where their family has always lived and sets off to New York to find her sister. Her search begins to unspool the dark history of their family, reaching back three generations to a country torn by war.

A haunting and sure-footed debut by an award-winning writer, THE FIRST RULE OF SWIMMING explores the legacy of betrayal and loss in a place where beauty is fused inextricably with hardship, and where individuals are forced to make wrenching choices as they are swept up in the tides of history.


Courtney Angela Brkic is the author of Stillness: And Other Stories—named a 2003 Best Book by the Chicago Tribune, a Notable Book by the New York Times, and a Barnes & Noble Discover pick. Her memoir The Stone Fields was shortlisted for the Freedom of Expression Award by the Index on Censorship. Brkic has been the recipient of a Whiting Writers’ Award and a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. She teaches in the MFA program at George Mason University, and lives in New York City.

Publicity Contact: Theresa Giacopasi,

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The Blood of Heroes: The 13-Day Struggle for the Alamo—and the Sacrifice That Forged a Nation
James Donovan
978-0-316-05374-7, $29.99

A sweeping, action-packed saga of the legendary last stand at the Alamo, by the author of the bestseller A Terrible Glory.

On February 23, 1836, a large Mexican army led by dictator Santa Anna reached San Antonio and laid siege to about 175 Texas rebels holed up in the Alamo. The Texans refused to surrender for nearly two weeks until almost 2,000 Mexican troops unleashed a final assault.

The defenders fought valiantly—for their lives and for a free and independent Texas—but in the end, they were all slaughtered. Their ultimate sacrifice inspired the rallying cry “Remember the Alamo!” and eventual triumph.

Exhaustively researched, and drawing upon fresh primary sources in U.S. and Mexican archives, The Blood of Heroes is the entertaining and unforgettable account of this epic battle. Populated by larger-than-life characters—including Davy Crockett, James Bowie, William Barret Travis—this is a stirring story of audacity, valor, and redemption.

About the author: James Donovan is the author of the bestselling A Terrible Glory: Custer and the Little Big Horn—The Last Great Battle of the American West. He lives in Dallas, Texas.

Publicity tour in Texas: Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Killeen.

Publicity contact: Carolyn O’Keefe,

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Service: A Navy SEAL at War
Marcus Luttrell with James D. Hornfischer
978-0-316-18536-3, $27.99

In October 2006, after miraculously returning from his star-crossed mission in Afghanistan, Marcus Luttrell went back to war. In six months of high-intensity urban fighting in the most dangerous city in the world, Ramadi, Iraq, he was part of one of the greatest victories in the history of the SEAL teams.

Returning home and leaving military life, Luttrell began a quest to understand how and why a rare few choose to risk their lives to serve their country. Drawing on the experiences of warriors of all generations and service branches, exploring their amazing stories, Luttrell has produced a profoundly moving testament to American courage and sacrifice. Service is both a war story for the ages and a heartfelt tribute to all who have served.

Lone Survivor, a New York Times bestseller, has netted more than one million copies in hardcover and paperback, and was propelled back on to bestseller lists after the death of Osama bin Laden.

Writer-director Peter Berg’s film adaptation of Lone Survivor is scheduled to go into production for Universal Studios in January 2012.

About the author: Marcus Luttrell became a combat-trained Navy SEAL in 2002 and served in many dangerous Special Operations assignments around the world. He lives near Huntsville, Texas.

Co-author James D. Hornfischer’s Neptune’s Inferno (Bantam, 2011) was a New York Times bestseller and his The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors (Bantam, 2004) has netted more than 200,000 copies in hardcover and paperback and was chosen by The Wall Street Journal as one of the five best books on “war as soldiers know it.” He lives in Austin, Texas.

Publicity tour: Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Fort Hood, Dallas, San Diego, Norfolk, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Pensacola

Publicity contact: Liz Garriga,

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11th Hour
James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
978-0-316-09749-9, $27.99

Detective Lindsay Boxer investigates the discovery of severed heads in a movie star’s garden—and a vigilante targeting the city’s most despised criminals.

Millionaire Chaz Smith is mercilessly gunned down and Detective Lindsay Boxer discovers that the murder weapon is linked to the deaths of four of San Francisco’s most untouchable criminals. And it was taken from her own department’s evidence locker. Anyone could be the killer—even her closest friends.

Lindsay is then called to the most bizarre crime scene she’s ever seen: two bodiless heads elaborately displayed in the garden of a world-famous actor. Another head is unearthed in the garden, and Lindsay realizes that the ground could hide hundreds of victims.

A reporter launches a series of vicious articles about the cases and Lindsay’s personal life is laid bare. But this time she has no one to turn to—especially not Joe. 11TH HOUR is the most shocking, most emotional, and most thrilling Women’s Murder Club novel ever.

About the author: James Patterson has had 46 #1 New York Times bestselling hardcovers. The Women’s Murder Club is the bestselling new detective series of the past decade, selling 46 million copies worldwide.

This is the eighth book in the Women’s Murder Club series co-authored by Maxine Paetro. She is a novelist and journalist. She lives with her husband in New York.

Publicity contact: Sabrina Callahan,

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The Admirals: Nimitz, Halsey, Leahy, and King—The 5-Star Admirals Who Won the War at Sea
Walter R. Borneman
978-0-316-09784-0, $29.99

How America’s only five-star admirals triumphed in World War II and made the United States the world’s dominant sea power.

Only four men in American history have been promoted to the five-star rank of Fleet Admiral: William Leahy, Ernest King, Chester Nimitz, and William Halsey. These four men were the best and the brightest Annapolis produced, and together they led the U.S. Navy to victory in World War II, establishing the United States as the world’s greatest sea power.

In The Admirals, award-winning historian Walter Borneman tells their combined story in full and dramatic detail for the first time. He shows us how the four admirals revolutionized naval warfare forever with submarines and aircraft carriers, and how these men—who were both friends and rivals—worked together to ensure that the Axis fleets lay destroyed on the ocean floor at the end of World War II.

About the author: Walter R. Borneman is the author of seven works of nonfiction, including 1812, The French and Indian War, and Polk. He holds both a master’s degree in history and a law degree. He lives in Colorado.

Borneman is extremely well-respected by both popular and academic historians. He has received endorsements from Robert V. Remini, Jon Meacham, and Douglas
Brinkley. There are 60,000 copies of 1812 (HarperCollins, 2004) in print, and the paperback still sells between 5,000 and 8,000 copies every year. There are more than 30,000 copies of Borneman’s book, Polk (Random House, 2009), in print.

Publicity contact: Theresa Giacopasi,

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So Far Away: A Novel
Meg Mitchell Moore
978-0-316-09769-7, $25.99

The lives of a wayward teenager and a lonely archivist are unexpectedly joined through the discovery of an old diary.

Thirteen-year-old Natalie Gallagher is trying to escape: from her parents’ ugly divorce, and from the vicious cyberbullying of her former best friend.

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THE 500


The 500: A Novel
Matthew Quirk
978-0-316-19862-2, $25.99

A year ago, fresh out of Harvard Law School, Mike Ford landed his dream job at Davies Group, Washington’s most powerful consulting firm. Now, he’s staring down the barrel of a gun, pursued by two of the world’s most dangerous men. To get out, he’ll have to do all the things he thought he’d never do again: lie, cheat, steal—and this time, maybe even kill.

Mike grew up in a world of small-stakes con men and learned the trade at his father’s knee. As the Davies Group’s rising star, he rubs shoulders with “The 500,” the elite men and women who really run Washington—and the world. But peddling influence, he soon learns, is familiar work: even with a pedigree, a con is still a con.

Combining the best elements of political intrigue and heart-stopping action, The 500 calls to mind classic thrillers like The Firm and Presumed Innocent. In Mike Ford, readers will discover a new hero who learns the hard way that the higher the climb, the harder—and deadlier—the fall.

Publicity tour: Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago and Kansas City.

About the author: Matthew Quirk studied history and literature at Harvard College. After graduation, he spent five years at The Atlantic reporting on crimes, private military contractors, the opium trade, terrorism prosecutions, and international gangs.

He lives outside of Washington, DC.

Publicity contact: Marlena Bittner,

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THE HOUSE THAT RUTH BUILT: A New Stadium, the First Yankees Championship, and the Redemption of 1923


The House that Ruth Built: A New Stadium, the First Yankees Championship, and the Redemption of 1923 
Robert Weintraub
978-0-316-08607-3; $26.99

The untold story of Babe Ruth’s 1923 Yankees, their first championship season in the brand new Yankee Stadium.

Before the 27 World series wins, before Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Derek Jeter—the Yankees were new York’s also-ran franchise. They didn’t even have a stadium, renting out the new York Giants’ Polo Grounds and, embarrassingly, losing to them when it counted: in the Fall Classic. But in 1923, the Yankees played their first season on their own field, and everything changed. Babe Ruth bounced back from a contentious season to carry the team to their first title, justifying his new stadium’s nickname, “The house That Ruth Built.” This is the untold tale of the Yankees’ break-out season, filled with stories of new York and baseball in arguably their greatest eras. Robert Weintraub’s fresh reporting vividly illuminates the singular year that made the Yankees the storied franchise they are today.

About the author: Robert Weintraub is a sports columnist for Slate, contributes to the annual Football Outsiders Almanac, and has written regularly for Deadspin. com,, The Guardian, and Play magazine, among other media. He lives in Decatur, Georgia.

Publicity contact: Elizabeth Garriga,

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In Zanesville: A Novel
Jo Ann Beard
978-0-316-08447-5; $23.99

From the acclaimed author of The Boys of My Youth, comes a debut novel about the vivid moment just before we step out of childhood.

The 14-year-old narrator of IN ZANESVILLE is a late bloomer. She flies under the radar—a sidekick, a marching band dropout, a disastrous babysitter, the kind of girl whose Eureka moment is the discovery that “fudge” can’t be said with an English accent. Luckily, she has a best friend with whom she shares the everyday adventures of a 1970s American girlhood, incidents through which a world is revealed, and character is forged. In time, their friendship is tested—by their families’ claims on them, by a clique of popular girls who stumble upon them, and by the first, startling, subversive intimations of womanhood. With dry wit and piercing observation, Jo Ann Beard shows us that in the seemingly quiet streets of America’s innumerable Zanesvilles is a world of wonders, and that within the souls of the overlooked often burns something radiant.

About the author: Jo Ann Beard’s work has appeared in The New Yorker, Tin House, and Best American Essays. She received a Whiting Award and fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the New York Foundation for the Arts.

Publicity contact: Carolyn O’Keefe,

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20 YEARS YOUNGER: Look Younger, Feel Younger, Be Younger!


20 Years Younger: Look Younger, Feel Younger, Be Younger!
Bob Greene with Harold Lancer, MD,Diane L. McKay, PhD, and Ronald L. Kotler, MD
978-0-316-13378-4; $27.99

Million-copy bestseller Bob Greene gives us the definitive anti-aging book.

It’s time to turn back the clock! In 20 YEARS YOUNGER, Bob Greene offers readers a practical, science-based plan for looking and feeling their best as they age. The cutting-edge program details easy and effective steps we can all take to rebuild the foundation of youth and enjoy better health, improved energy, and a positive outlook on life. The four cornerstones of the program are: an exercise regimen for fighting muscle and bone loss, a longevity-focused diet, sleep rejuvenation, and wrinklefighting skin care. Woven throughout the text is practical advice on changing appearances, controlling stress, staying mentally sharp, navigating medical tests, and much more. Readers will walk away with a greater understanding of how the body ages and what they can do to feel—and look—20 years younger.

5-city author tour: New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Dallas, Philadelphia

About the author: Bob Greene is an exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer specializing in fitness, metabolism, and weight loss.

Publicity contact: Nicole Dewey,

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Those Guys Have All The Fun: Inside the World of ESPN
James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales
978-0-316-04300-7; $27.99

The first complete and never-before revealed history of ESPN—“the worldwide leader” and the rowdiest frat house in sports TV.

ESPN began as an outrageous gamble with a lineup that included Australian Rules Football, rodeo, and a rinky-dinky clip show called Sports Center. Today the empire stretches far beyond television into the Internet, radio, magazines, mobile phones, and more, while ESPN’s personalities have become global superstars to rival the sports icons they cover. Chris Berman, Robin Roberts, Keith Olbermann, Hannah Storm, Bill Simmons, Tony Kornheiser, Stuart Scott, Erin Andrews, Mike Ditka, Dick Vitale, and scores of others speak openly about the games, shows, scandals, addictions, bitter rivalries, and sudden suspensions that make up the network’s soaring and stormy  istory. The result is a wild, smart, effervescent oral history of triumph, genius, ego, and the rise of an empire unlike any Television had ever seen.

Tour:Author events in Los Angeles, New York and Washington, DC

About the authors:
James Andrew Miller was previously Sr. Executive Producer for Anderson Cooper 360 and Executive V.P. of Original Programming for USA Network. He lives in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
Tom Shales won a Pultizer Prize for television criticism in the Washington Post. He lives in McLean, Virgina.

Publicity contact: Laura Keefe,

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Tabloid City: A Novel
Pete Hamill
978-0-316-02075-6; $26.99

From New York Times bestselling author Pete Hamill, the extraordinary drama of one fateful day in the greatest city in the world.

In a stately West Village townhouse, a wealthy socialite and her secretary are murdered. In the 24 hours that follow, a flurry of activity circles around their shocking deaths: The head of one of the city’s last tabloids stops the presses. A cop investigates the killing. A reporter chases the story. A disgraced hedge fund manager flees the country. An Iraq War vet seeks revenge. And an angry young extremist plots a major catastrophe. The City is many things: a proving ground, a decadent playground, or a palimpsest of memories—a historic metropolis eclipsed by modern times. As much a thriller as it is a gripping portrait of the city of today, TABLOID CITY is a new fiction classic from the writer who has captured it perfectly for decades.

5-city author tour: Chicago, Boston, Washington, DC, New York, Philadelphia

About the author: Pete Hamill is a novelist, journalist, editor, and screenwriter. He is the author of 20 previous books including the bestselling novels Forever and Snow in August and the bestselling memoir, A Drinking Life. He lives in New York City.

Publicity contact: Carolyn O’Keefe,

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