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Tina Fey
978-0-316-05686-1; $26.99

She’s a comic genius, every woman’s imaginary best friend, and the thinking man’s sex symbol. Tina Fey didn’t get this far without pulling on her bossypants.

Before there was Liz Lemon, before there was “Sarah Palin,” before there was “Weekend Update”—there was a woman with a dream. A dream that one day she
would write a book about how she got here. But she had to get there first. On her way to becoming an award-winning superstar, Tina Fey struggled through some questionable haircuts, some after-school jobs, the rise of nachos as a cultural phenomenon, a normal childhood, a happy marriage and joyful motherhood. her story must be told! Fey’s pursuit of the perfect beauty routine may actually give you laugh lines, and her depiction of her whirlwind tour of duty as the Other sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live takes you behind the scenes of a comedy event that transfixed the nation. Now, Fey can reflect on what she’s learned:You’re no one until someone calls you bossy.

About the author: Tina Fey lives in Manhattan, where she is the third funniest person in her household, after her husband and five-year-old daughter.

Publicity contact: Marlena Bittner

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