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10th Anniversary
James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
978-0-316-03626-9; $27.99

Detective Lindsay Boxer finally gets married, but a shocking crime pushes the Women’s Murder Club back to full throttle before the gifts are even unwrapped.

Detective Lindsay Boxer’s wedding becomes a distant memory when she is called to investigate a horrendous crime: a teenage girl left for dead and the kidnapping of her newborn baby. she soon discovers that not only have the criminals left no evidence—but the victim may be hiding a secret as well. At the same time, Assistant District Attorney Yuki Castellano is prosecuting the biggest case of her life— a woman accused of murdering her husband in front of her children. Yuki’s career rests on a guilty verdict, so when Lindsay discovers evidence that could save the defendant, she must choose. should she trust her best friend or follow her instinct? With James Patterson’s unique brand of white-hot speed and unquenchable action, 10Th ANNIVERSARY is the Women’s Murder Club at its most thrilling best.

About the author: James Patterson is one of the bestselling authors of all time. He lives in Florida.

Publicity contact: Michelle Aielli,

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