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This Bright River: A Novel
Patrick Somerville
978-0-316-12931-2, $24.99

Lauren Sheehan’s career in medicine came to a halt after a sequence of violent events abroad. Now she’s back in the safest place she knows—St. Helens, Wisconsin—cut off from career, friendship, and romance.

Ben Hanson’s aimless life bottomed out when he went to prison. But after his release, a surprising offer from his father draws him home. In Wisconsin, he finds his family fractured, still unable to face the truth behind his troubled cousin’s death a decade earlier.

As Lauren cautiously expands her world and Ben tries to unravel the mysteries of his family and himself, their paths intersect. Could each be exactly what the other needs?

A compelling family drama and a surprising love story, This Bright River confirms Patrick Somerville’s status as one of the most exciting young writers at work today.

About the author: The Cradle, Patrick Somerville’s first novel, was a Barnes & Noble Discover Selection for Summer 2009, was nominated for the First Novel Prize at the Center for Fiction, and was a favorite among critics, booksellers, and book clubs—giving Somerville a broad, dedicated group of fans.

Somerville is a writer with a rising profile: The Chicago Public Library named him the 21st Century Award recipient for 2009 (former winners include Aleksandar Hemon and Audrey Niffenegger), he published a collection of stories entitled The Universe in Miniature in Miniature (Featherproof Books, 2010), and Gail Mutrux, the Academy Award-winning producer of Rain Man, acquired film rights to The Cradle.

Patrick Somerville lives with his wife in Chicago and teaches creative writing at Northwestern University.

Publicity tour: Chicago, Milwaukee and New York

Publicity contact: Marlena Bittner,

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